• Inexpensive ‘no fuss’ water saving device
  • Reduces strain on state water resources
  • Reduce the impact of environmental degradation
  • Reduces pollutants such as Phosphates reaching our reefs & rainforests.
  • Portable use around the home, office and out doors
  • Can be used as an educational tool in school science and environment studies.
  • Great way to encourage children to conserve water


Our “Hugh-manitarian Sink” 


The Hughie Sink makes the ideal container for a ’Hygiene Kit’, while becoming the focal point for the families’ sanitation. Carrying water, washing hands or cooking utensils.

The water can then be re-used on food crops especially in areas where water is so precious. EDUCATION

The ‘Hughie sink’ is an ideal ‘educational tool’ to teach children the importance of basis personal hygiene and show the link between hygiene and health. Thus giving the children a good start towards living a healthier life and becoming role models for others in their communities.


The ‘Hughie’ Sink is a standalone sink made from strong lightweight recycled plastic which can be made in many *countries. This reduces the transport costs and at the same time benefits the local economy. The ’Hughie Sink’ can also be packaged with locally sourced products for a variety of kits. This includes hygiene, sanitation, famine, flood or earthquake relief.

A wall bracket is available for the ‘Hughie Sink’. This makes it even more useful, and sturdy, as a hygiene station, whether it be inside or outside, especially in under developed areas.

*Medium industrial area required and large orders only


Costs vary from a basic sink to a complete kit. A breakdown of costs can be obtained by contacting

Ian Alexander

Two million children die every year from diseases spread by hands.
Hand washing with soap can halve the risk of not only diarrhea but illnesses such as cholera and dysentery